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Q-pot. and UNIQLO UT Collaboration T-shirts

The collaboration T-shirts were sold in some of the UNIQLO shops in Japan, France, United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong.
Part of the proceeds from the sales of these T-shirts was donated to the Ethiopia Water Project through UNHCR.
The donations allowed to finance the building and maintenance of wells and purchase tanks for carrying water in order to get clean water.

※These products are no longer sold.

● UNHCR(The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Ethiopia has historically hosted a large number of refugees eminently due to its location. Indeed,
the country is surrounded by five countries - Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya and Djibouti.
There are still currently over 80,000 refugees living in Ethiopia, mostly retreated from Sudan, Eritrea, or Somalia.
In particular, 1,200 Somalis have been retreating every month to the border region of Ethiopia since
the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia in 1991. This increasing number of refugees in Ethiopia has led to a serious water shortage.
UNHCR has been actively engaged to set up additional water supply points in the refugee camp areas to help solve this issue.


Part of the proceeds from the sales allowed to build 5 water supply points with 8 taps at each point so a total of 40 taps delivering clean water.
Those water points provided sufficient amount of water to a population of 3,200 refugees.
The donations were also used to finance the instalment of water pipes. Additional water points would reduce the time and burden
of children and women to draw water. They would also reduce the risk of danger for them to travel to far water points.
Reducing the time and burden allowed children and women to have more time for education and housework.


Thanks to all your wonderful support and contributions, a total of \1.127.188 was donated to the UNHCR Ethiopia Water Project.

In the left: People building 7km of pipeline going from the well to the refugee camp.
In the right: A jet of fresh water from a well during a digging test.


Thanks to all your kind donations, 10 water distribution points, each one with 7 taps, were installed in different blocks and zones of the refugee camp.
Increasing water supply points reduced the time and burden of children to walk 7km to draw water, providing them more opportunity for education and time to play.

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