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Tadaaki Wakamatsu Q-pot. designer participated in “Cuckoo Clock collection” project which was planned by “more Trees”
in October 2009. “more Trees” is an incorporated association of saving forest, which is led by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
He designed the clock in the motif of “Sweet Tooth Pigeon’s House”, using thinning.
Those clocks were sold in ISETAN Shinjuku in autumn, 2009.
5% of the sales were donated for the forest protection.


●About “more Trees”
more Trees, as its name suggests, is a global initiative to plant more trees. Even at the moment, a mass destruction
of forests is taking place, and human civilization will be at stake as its long-term consequence.
By this simple message, “more Trees”, we hope that it will be an important movement that leads to changes in our current situation.
more Trees is a positive and progressive movement. Its actions include planting more trees, which leads to things
like: an increase of nature-made forests to excel a photosynthesis process, an increase in the retention of water and empowering a power of nature,
biodiversity, and ultimately, achieving a society where all energy is relied on sunlight, forest and water, also known as natural energy.

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more Trees

Q-pot. will continue to create a chain of smiles across the world!

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