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Q-pot. × Blythe 2010


Middie Blythe with Macaroon motif - “Macaroon Q-Tea Party”

Middie Blythe is neither an adult nor a child; she is a new concept doll carrying a new charm.
This first “Macaroon Q-Tea Party” Middie Blythe in the world was designed by Q-pot.

“Macaroon Q-Tea Party” is a co-ordination of sweet fashions that create a soft and nice ambiance.
On the skirting of her strawberry pink dress, you can see the Q-pot. embroideries,
“Q” brand logo and whipped cream prints as well as her apron that is also in the image of whipped cream.
She is wearing a little mint green tea cup hat filled with mint tea and decorated with lace and rose.
The strawberry and mint green Macaroon necklace with the “Q” mark makes her much lovelier than ever.


Tadaaki Wakamatsu (Q-pot.)

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