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Q-pot. Peace Chocolate Band


The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Project

The design of <Peace Chocolate Band> meant “Piece = Peace”. The connection of everyone’s strength will definitely achieve enormous power.
Q-pot. produced an original design wristband (Peace Chocolate Band) based on the message ‘Pray for JAPAN’
to raise money for the victims of Japan earthquake and tsunami occurred on the 11th March.


Peace Chocolate Band ¥525
color:Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate/Strawberry Chocolate/Mint Chocolate
Deducting consumption tax from the retail price JPY525, the full amount of JPY500 proceeds was donated to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
※ The cost burden at Q-pot. (Gramme Co.).

●Message from Q-pot.

Gambare JAPAN!!
Japan Keep it up!!

We would like to pass this message and show our utmost support
to victims in the devastated area.

We have been thinking hard how Q-pot. can help
those who are suffering in Northeast of Japan.

More lives can be saved.
More families can reunite.
More people can receive daily necessities.
More people can sleep with warmth.

Every member of Q-pot. prays and supports from the bottom of our hearts.
The connection of everyone’s strength will definitely achieve enormous power.

As Q-pot. brand concept states,
“We believe that when a kind heart and a big smile spread across the world, there can be PEACE.”

If you have the same thought, please show your support!!

We hope people in the devastated area would restore their lives with comfort and smiles.
We hope to see a reborn, lively JAPAN as soon as possible.

Let's gather our power and bring smiles to JAPAN!!

Peace Chocolate Band
Pray for JAPAN!!

Thank you for all your support, 60,000 pieces of the Peace Chocolate Band have been sold and made up total sales of JPY30,000,000.
The sales amount was dontaed through all the relief donation points listed on the left and "Save the children Japan".
The donation will support various relief activities for the victims. We highly appreciate your support. Thank you very much.
・Aomori prefecture ¥1,000,000
・Iwate prefecture ¥4,000,000
・Miyagi prefecture ¥ 10,000,000
・Fukushima prefecture ¥ 10,000,000
・Ibaraki prefecture ¥1,000,000
・Chiba prefecture ¥1,000,000
・Save the children ¥3,000,000
Total amount ¥ 30,000,000- (December, 2011)

●List of supporting shops
minorityrev Kego(Fukuoka)
café&books bibliotheque/bookmark bibliotheque(Fukuoka)
café&books bibliotheque/bookmark bibliotheque(Osaka)
■ SATINDOLL(Fukuoka)  
ura ebisu.(Tokyo)
Tokyo Midtown yao_ESTAbLISH(Tokyo)

Q-pot. will continue to create a chain of smiles across the world!

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