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Q-pot. × Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha



Charity project “Tea brings smile across the world.”

Tadaaki Wakamatsu Q-pot. designer which is accessory brand worked his artistry into the limited edition collaborative package design once again. The package was decorated with beautiful cake designs in hope to bring a festive mood and a smile on your face. 





The joint project of Gogo-no-Kocha and Q-pot. pursued to bring smiles with tea. This project will be contributing to the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. 




※Contact info for inquiries : Kirin Beverage Company, Limited Customer Service Number  0120-595955

※These products are no longer sold.




●Original Micanga (Friendship bracelet)

We designed 6 different micangas (friendship bracelets), filled with wishes to bring smiles with tea.





The project opened a tea party event in Sendai City of Miyagi prefecture, inviting victimized children of the earthquake. Through the Kirin "Gogo-no-Kocha" website, a total of 24,881 fruits were collected from all over Japan to decorate the cakes for the event. We had 45 patissiers from Miyagi to create these cakes using 25,000 fresh fruits filled with everyone’s kind heart. The event was able to create beautifully decorated the cakes, but more importantly it was successful in decorating the children’s face with beautiful smiles.



Q-pot. will continue to create a chain of smiles across the world.

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