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Q-pot. × Influence


Q-pot. has collaborated with “Influence” men’s fashion brand, to celebrate its 10th Anniversary!
Influence is renowned for its refined quality and playful touch, along with its moldable wired collars.
Q-pot.’s signature design, Tooth embroidered on the chest. By keeping the tooth clean and white,
you’ll keep your shirt clean and white. The wired sleeves and collar can be molded in to any form you like.


About Influence

Established in 2002, our brand has been presenting a variety of casual and tailored clothing lines.
Today's Street style with a touch of Western Classic decorative image are well expressed in our modern, chic,
and stylish pieces which are characterized by mixing Military, Sports, Classic and fashion tastes.
The selection of high quality textiles and processing techniques are part of our uniqueness in order to deliver you an attractive item to wear.
We will continue to search for a fashion style that reflects and satisfies the present needs.


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