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“Sweets Minnie” series debut!

They debut in February 19th, 2014(Wednesday)!



New series come up 

from“Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.” which is popular line that Q-pot. expressed Disney Story☆

Classic Minnie has become sweets.

Her ears are chocolates, face is whip, skirt is strawberries and shoes are bananas...

Whip is on her nose!




The shoulder bag that a round silhouette and a bright red body are lovely!


Sweets Minnie - Round Shoulder Bag ¥26,250                                     



The canvas tote bag &T-shirt which makes an outstanding performance in spring and summer.

Adopt “Sweets Minnie” series for everyday coordinates and increase the level of femininity♪


Sweets Minnie - Canvas Tote Bag ¥26,250

Sweets Minnie - T-shirts ¥6,090

Also, Popular accessories of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are in stock now!


Please look at the design of BIG ear!

These rings which are decorated by milk chocolate and strawberry chocolate are cute.



Mickey Mouse's Ear Ring ¥13,650

Minnie Mouse's Ear Ring ¥13,650


Melty Mickey Mouse's Ear Ring ¥15,750

Melty Minnie Mouse's Ear Ring ¥15,750


Would you like some biscuits? There are Mickey Mouse we love on them!

Whip is on his nose.


Mickey Mouse's Biscuit Necklace ¥15,750

Mickey Mouse's Biscuit Strap ¥6,825

Mickey Mouse's Biscuit Key Holder ¥10,500


[New collection“Sweets Minnie”series / “Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse” series]

Release Date:February 19th, 2014(Wednesday)

Release location:Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot. handling shop/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00p.m.〜)

※Regarding new collection, Sweets Minnie series, they become the release only for Marche du Q-pot. handling shops. 

※Purchase is limited to one per customer the first day of release date. We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before release date. Thank you for your understanding.


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