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New collection “FLORAL CupCake” series debut!

Released on March 9th, 2014(Sunday)★



New collection which is good in spring arrivals from popular cupcake series!

“FLORAL CupCake” are vivid like flowers♪




Necklace ¥9,975

Bag Charm ¥6,825

all tax included(tax rate 5%)


The flower garden of colorful cakes...

When pastel cream petals rustle in wind, sweet fragrance spreads.

“FLORAL CupCake” telling coming of spring is in full bloom now.

We promise that you will be fun just to wear it!

Are you not ahead of spring?

●Shopping is here.


[New collection “FLORAL CupCake” ]

Release date:March 9th, 2014(Sunday)

Release location:in all Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00p.m.~)

※Purchase is limited to one per customer the first day of release date. We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before release date. Thank you for your understanding.


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