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New flavour “Lemon” comes up from “Pate du Fruit”&“Ice” series!

Released on April 26th, 2014(Saturday)!!


From Q-pot. Parlor, New flavour “Lemon” comes up from “Pate du Fruit”&“Ice” series!

Honey fully soaked into the lemon sherbet with the sliced lemon.
You can feel fresh feeling when you wear it!
This lemon sherbet is cute and pop, let's wear it and show to everyone♪

Honey&Bee&Lemon Sherbet Necklace ¥8,500+tax
Honey&Bee&Lemon Sherbet Ring ¥4,500+tax

“Pate du Fruit” series is covered with sugar and exactly like the real thing.
There is elegance in the jelly which shut in the fruit juice of the lemon.
It adds refreshingness to wearing of the early summer♪

Lemon Pate de Fruit Necklace ¥12,000+tax
Lemon Pate de Fruit Bag Charm ¥9,000+tax

●Click here for more details!
Macaron Tote Bag <L> ¥5,800+tax
Juicy Melon Jelly Ring ¥5,800+tax

Let's enjoy the summer with cool accessories!!

[“Honey&Bee&Lemon Sherbet”&“Lemon Pate de Fruit”]
Release date:April 26th, 2014(Saturday)
Release location:in all Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)
※Purchase is limited to one per customer the first day of release date.
 We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before release date.
Thank you for your understanding.

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