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New items come up from “Hony&Bee&Lemon” series☆

The theme of May is “honey” in Q-pot CAFE.!!


New items come up from Q-pot CAFE. for early summer!

The gentle sweetness of honey spreads in the mouth♪

And honey melts from it!

The refreshing package is cute so it is good for petit gifts!

You can enjoy “Q-pot CAFE. SPECIAL HONEY” made of Japanese lemon with soda, yogurt and more◎

Please enjoy it as hot/ice through a year♪



in the left:Hony&Bee&Lemon Candy ¥650+tax

in the right:Q-pot CAFE. SPECIAL HONEY ¥2,100+tax



The bottle desserts which we recommend for the coming season come up☆


“Mango Coconut Mousse”...the combination of creamy mango and coconut mousse is very good.

There are flesh fruit of mango and pineapple as toppings gorgeously♪


We use the Q-pot CAFE. original tea “Afternoon Breeze”  for “Milk tea Mousse” and that's why it is tasty.

Also, there are sweet-sour “Honey Lemon Jelly”, 

“Cherry Jelly” using the liquor of cherry and cherry blossom and 

“Peach Jelly” with full of the flesh peach.

From the left



Cherry Jelly ¥410/Milk tea Mousse ¥390/Mango Coconut Mousse ¥430/Peach Jelly ¥390/Honey Lemon Jelly ¥410(all tax-included)


They are very good for souvenirs or gifts!

Please enjoy these time-limited items☆



[Hony&Bee&Lemon Candy]


Release location:Q-pot CAFE./Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)

Release date:May, 1st, 2014(Thursday)

※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order before release date. 

Thank you for your understanding.



Release location:Q-pot CAFE.

Release period:May 1st, 2014(Thursday)~August 31st(Sunday)

※They are only for take out.

※These are limtied in number a day.

※Contains:Milk and egg for mousses

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