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Mickey/iPhone 5・5s case comes up as pre-selling item!!

To celebrate Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP 6th Anniversary, “Mickey” items come up!


New enjoyable event will be held in Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP☆
New pre-selling items come up from popular line, Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.!!
We have also many restock items!!
This is the chance for all of you♪
We show those items today☆

☆Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP pre-selling items

Mickey/iPhone 5・5s case ¥6,000+tax

iPhone case of Mickey comes up!!
This Mickey is made of sweets like chocolate, strawberry, banana and whip♪
It's bitter chocolate colour so it's easy to use for men.

☆New items&Restcok items

from the left side
Mickey/Melty Lollipop Choco Pierce(single) ¥7,500+tax
Mickey/Melty Lollipop Choco Necklace ¥13,000+tax

Melting lollipop Mickey series are good combination of chocolate and pink ribbon!
This Mickey is great with chic clothes and the pierce is new item☆

Sweets Mickey/T-shirt ¥5,800+tax
Mickey&Minnie/Chocolate Bangle ¥4,800+tax

T-shirt is good for the summer, isn't it?
It's unisex and Mickey adds an accent to your coordinates!
Chocolate colour bangle on which Mickey and Minnie's silhouette inscribed doesn't choose the scene to wear.
Please must get those Mickey items!

【Pre-selling items/Restock items of Mickey】
Release date:July 19th, 2014(Saturday) From12:00PM~
Release location:Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP



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