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Let's enjoy your summer trip with Q-pot. items♪

Which style do you prefer?


The long wished-for summer vacation!!!
With your boy friend, family and friends...there are many people who are contemplating summer trip.
Today we show the special trip styles and useful Q-pot. items to all of you☆

★Let's go to domestic trip with your friends★
from the left

Free Tote Bag of Q-pot.MOOK BOOK Vol.8
Lemon Pate de Fruit Bag Charm ¥9,000+tax
Taffy Candy Round Fastner Wallet(Yellow) ¥27,000+tax
Tumbler of Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP 6th Anniversarygiveaways
Fun Fan Macaron ¥4,500+tax
Macaron Bag in Bag ¥6,000+tax
※Other items are just images.

The suitable tote bag is GOOD to go around the sightseeing spots!
Please use bag in bag to put small items in order smartly♪
Summery long wallet is pop vitamins color and its jip opens from the edge to the edge!
Let's cool down with the fun designed of macaron and tumbler.

★Let's go to travel overseas with your boy friend★

from the left
Melty Chocolate Beach Sandals(Pink) ¥5,000+tax
Decoration Cake Watch(Red) ¥33,000+tax
Chocolate Travel Wallet ¥9,000+tax
eye love Black Sesame Marble Ice Glasses ¥42,000+tax

Black Chocolate Shoulder Bag<M> ¥29,000+tax
※Other items are just images.

Melting chocolate designed beach sandals are very useful at not only the beach but also the town.
You can be bold than usual in overseas, can't you?
Let's attract attention with this unique design sunglasses.
Also, we recommend compact chocolate shoulder for travel overseas.
Please don't forget travel wallet too!

★Let's go to the leisure facility with your family★

Chocolate Tote Bag(LL) ¥8,500+tax

Choco Banana Float Key Holder(Pink×Brown) ¥800+tax
Creamy Macaron/iPhone 5s・5 Case ¥5,500+tax
Tumbler of Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP 6th Anniversary giveaways
Melt Chocolate Hand Towel ¥1,100+tax
※Other items are just images.

Chocolate Back Pack(Kids) ¥12,000+tax
Choco Banana Float Key Holder(Yellow×Brown) ¥800+tax
Melt Chocolate Mini Towel ¥800+tax
Cherry Whip Hair Rubber Band ¥4,800+tax
Rose Pate de Fruit Hair Rubber Band(Cherry/Green Apple) ¥3,600+tax
Cotton Candy Ice Hair Rubber Band ¥4,000+tax
Jewel Whip Cream Hair Rubber Band(Yellow)  ¥4,000+tax
I Love Ice-Cream Clear Pouch(Pink) ¥3,200+tax

Let's have same items with your moms/kids!
For moms, we recommend the big tote bag☆
You cannot forget to bring towels and drinks to avoid heat stroke.
And for kids, we recommend the back pack because both hands become free☆
Use same hair rubber band and enjoy same cute hair arrangement♪
Put chocolate banana key holder  for each bags and enjoy doing same coordinate thoroughly♪

Please enjoy delicious summer trip with sweet Q-pot. items!




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