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Q-pot. × SHARP collaboration interior TV “Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV” debut!

Order starts on the 17th September, 2014 (Wednesday)!!


The interior Television “Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV” which is full of luxurious feel comes up!
The wooden frame made of “black walnut” expresses chocolate.
The more you use it the color of chocolate gradually changes and it becomes the only one interior in the world.

You can use it as the mirror when it powers off.
It's a new type Television contains the design and the functionality.

10 ants tempted by rich chocolate bring the special message for you.
Ant is “Ari” and 10 is “Tou” in Japanese so they want to tell you “Ari-ga-Tou”(There are 10 ants.) means “Thank you”!
Please find all of them!

Also, you can enjoy the Q-pot. chocolate world with the chocolate parts.
You can put it anywhere on it as you like.
And, there is a wireless remote controller case as optional accessory with it.
You can also use it as a case for glasses/accessories.
※Actual color may be different from one in the photo.

You can see it in the collaboration room of Q-pot.×Tokyo Bay Maihama Club Resort!

Also, you can see it in Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop, Q-pot CAFE. and Q-pot. LUCUA Osaka shop.
Of course you can hang it on a wall!(The accessory is the separately sold parts.)
Please enjoy arranging your room with this Television.

[Q-pot. Melty Chocolate TV]
Order starts: 17th September, 2014 (Wednesday)
Order at: Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP
Price: ¥171,000+tax

●Attentions about order
※ This product is limited in number. Please be aware that the order may close without notifications when the order reaches the limit.
※ Please be aware that we cannot accept cancelation, return, or change of the order, since this product is for reservation only.
※ The expected delivery of the product is, 1 month~1.5 months from the order date.
The delivery is available within Japan only. (Free shipping)
※ We are afraid that we cannot fix the delivery on a specific date of choice.
※ Collect on delivery is not available.
Price can be paid either at Harajuku flagship shop (Cash / Credit card), or  Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (Credit card only).
※ The products will be shipped from “Sharp-engineering Corporation”.
※ Gift Wrapping for this product is not available.
※ The grain and color of wood varies between products, because of its nature. 
※ The packing carton will be opened once before the shipping, due to the production process.
※ The warranty is valid for 1 year from the delivery.

●Inquiry about the “TV”
・E-mail / Sharp support webpage
・Inquiries about how to use, repair, or installation(onerous) /Sharp customer support center
From fixed phone/PHD: Free dial 0120-001–251
From cell-phone: Navi dial 0570-550–113
●Inquiries about “chocolate parts”, “Case of the remote control”:
Gramme Co. support e-mail

Please check Q-pot. mail magazines and news for more details!

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