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Perfect gift for homecoming on summer holiday☆

Q-pot CAFE. Sweets that can be deliciously enjoyed through the senses of taste and sight.


Japanese Obon holiday is coming soon!
The issue always on the agenda at this time of period is, what gift should we bring back home or to friends home.
These delicious sweets will be the perfect solution to make everyone happy♪
We are happy to inform you Q-pot CAFE. gift sets!!

Milk tea mousse ¥390/Honey lemon jelly ¥410/
Cherry jelly ¥410/Peach jelly ¥390/Mango coconuts mousse ¥430 (All prices are tax included)
Cooler bag ¥1,000+tax
We long for cold sweets in the hot summer, aren’t we?
Let’s present these cold sweets packed with the cooler bag!
Sweets are sure to be enjoyed, and the cooler bag will be appreciated as a must item for summer, too☆

Tea/Packed (Early bright) ¥1,000+tax
Cream logo “Q” mug (Mint cream) ¥2,400+tax
Basket (Size:M) ¥400+tax
Pound cake (Fruit, lemon, chocolate) ¥300+tax each
With this gift set, you can enjoy café at home. This is a great gift for friends who like to enjoy Café. 
The pound cake has 3 flavors, which are “fruits”, “lemon”, and “chocolate”. These mellow pound cakes perfectly match with the Tea.
We will gift wrap them, putting them into the basket.

Honey & Bee & Lemon Candy ¥650+tax
Q-pot CAFE. Special honey ¥2,100+tax
Honey filled set with the candy and the special honey.
Candy is handy to bring along with anytime you go out.
And the special honey can be arranged by adding soda or water, or putting it on yogurt.
Cute and delicious prevention of summer heat fatigue!!

Canned cookie ¥3,000+tax
Tea/Packed (Afternoon breeze) ¥1,000+tax
A break time set with crisp cookies and sweet scented tea.
The can with a large biscuit printed on it, could be used as a box for small merchandises.
It is a good gift for mothers as well as little kids.

“Q” tote bag ¥2,000+tax
Icing sugar cookie ¥600+tax each
Let’s put the cute & colorful sugar cookies into the girly pale pink tote bag, present it as a gift♪
How about giving a surprise gift to your best friends at homecoming gathering?

Enjoy wonderful summer time with heart filled gifts


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