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Silicon iPhone6 case now on sale☆

BOOK type case for iPhone6 too!


Melty Chocolate iPhone6 Case(Silicon) ¥7,000+tax
Selectable Happiness Double curb Multi Chain(YellowGold/110cm) ¥4,500+tax
Selectable Happiness Twinkle Light Rose Multi Chain(PinkGold/20cm) ¥4,500+tax

Silicon type of “Melty Chocolate Case” finally comes up in all shops!!
You can choose from 2 colors.
“Bitter Chocolate” seems to good chocolate smell, and “Strawberry Milk Chocolate” has rich strawberry taste.
Anyway, it really looks real chocolate!
The logo of “Q-pot.” is cute and good accent♪

When you have it...Oh!! Chocolate is melting!!
You must be happy just to have this unique design of melting chocolate.
Q-pot. iPhone case is not only cute but easy to use.

And, we have one more happy news☆ BOOK type case for iPhone6!

Bitter Chocolate-iPhone6 case \15,000+tax

BOOK type case comes up from Marche du Q-pot. line.
It is chocolate colour and simple design so you can use it for business scene.
It protects your iPhone well.

There are pockets which you can put your card inside.
Please use it stylishly!

 [Melty Chocolate iPhone6 Case(Silicon)/Bitter Chocolate-iPhone6 Case]
※Bitter Chocolate-iPhone6 Case are sold by only in Q-pot. shops handling Marche du Q-pot.

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