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Recommended items for your new life from Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP☆

Unique items make you smile!


Spring comes immediately! Could you feel that?
Please feel spring with accessories of Q-pot. which make you happy♪
Today we show the recommended items which make you smile for new season!!

☆Exchange business cards uniquely!
Chocolate Card Case(White/Brown/Pink) ¥11,000+tax for each

White, Brown, Pink... which color do you like?
There are ants inside the card case!

☆Changing the wallet in spring makes you happy!
Taffy Candy Round Fastener Wallet(Purple) ¥27,000+tax/
Caramel Short Wallet ¥25,000+tax

Changing the wallet in spring makes you happy.
Round fastener wallet can carry lots of notes and cards.
Short wallet is easy to use too!

☆Cute+Stylish+Useful! Convenient bag!
White Chocolate Tote Bag ¥32,000+tax/Bitter Chocolate Canvas Tote Bag ¥17,000+tax/
Stripe Candy Tote Bag(Red) ¥31,000+tax

These bags are good to carry lots of items.
This size bag is must-have item.
A4 size documents are packable easily too!

☆Please spend the sweet time with a sweet watch.
Decoration Cake Watch(Black) ¥33,000+tax/Melty Biscuit Watch(Strawberry) ¥32,000+tax
Melty Chocolate Watch(PinkGold) ¥38,000+tax

Lovely watch boosts your feminity!
Don't you think spending time with a sweet watch is wonderful?

☆Color your life with unique stationery!
Croissant Case ¥9,000+tax/Chocolate and Mushrooms and Dots Clear File(3set) ¥1,000+tax/
【ONLINE SHOP-limited】Burger Mouse Pad ¥1,800+tax

Let's add spice to your office.
You can enjoy conversation with the workmate with unique statinery!

Enjoy your Happy&Sweet new life!☆
Click here for shopping!

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