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Bees brings melting honey!!!

On April 29th, 2015(Wed), “Honey&Bee&Lemon” series are restocked!!


One of the most popular series of Q-pot.:“Honey&Bee&Lemon” comes back again!!
Clear melting honey, a sliced lemon and the bee carries honey… Finally, the bee is shut in honey!

Please enjoy a little bit surreal and sweet-sour “Honey&Bee&Lemon” series.

Honey&Bee&Lemon Bottle Necklace \24,000+tax

Honey&Bee Bracelet \10,000+tax

Golden honey which the bees carries is full packed in the bottole.
When you open the cover, the bee jumps up!
Don't miss lovely Bracelet which is good for coming summer.

Honey&Bee&Lemon Necklace \24,000+tax
Honey&Bee Melt Ring \8,200+tax
Honey&Bee Necklace \14,000+tax
Honey&Bee Ring \14,000+tax

Syrupy sliced lemon necklace and melting honey ring are the best seller items of Q-pot.!
You can get the special package as honey bottle.

Honey&Bee Spoon Necklace \18,000+tax
Honey&Bee Spoon Ring \13,000+tax
Honey&Bee Bangle \27,000+tax
Honey&Bee&Lemon Ring \20,000+tax
Honey&Bee&Lemon Sherbet Ring \4,500+tax
Bee Pierce(single) \5,500+tax

Japanese bee can take only a tablespoon of honey in their life.
Antiqued accessories with a little bit hurt story.
You can feel the deep story with the series.
Full honeyed lemon sherbet is also must-have in the summer!

Please enjoy the summer with “Honey&Bee&Lemon” accessories.

[“Honey&Bee&Lemon” series restock]
Date:April 29th, 2015(Wednesday)
Place:Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)

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