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Again! Jiggly “Bottle Jelly” back to Q-pot CAFE.!

Started from April 25th, 2015(Sat)


Summer limited cool sweets, “Bottle Jelly”.
“Bottle Jelly” for take out comes back to Q-pot CAFE.!
As you know, it's good for the souvenirs in summer.

This year we have two flavors, “Honey&Bee&Lemon Jelly”(in the right) and “Cherry Jelly”(in the left)!
“Honey&Bee&Lemon Jelly” with sliced lemon tastes fresh lemon and gentle sweet honey♪
Sakura syrup and whole cherry are in “Cherry Jelly”, it looks so lovely!
You can use and enjoy this glass bottle as interior goods.
Have these jiggly jelly♪

[Honey&Bee&Lemon Jelly/Cherry Jelly]
Place:Q-pot CAFE.
Date:April 25th, 2015(Sat)~August 31st(Mon)
※From June 8th(Mon) to August 2nd, 2015(Sun), They are NOT available.
Price:\410(including tax)
※The quantity is limited per a day.

●Click here for the details of “Honey&Bee&Lemon” collection!

●Click here for the details of “Cherry Jelly” collection!

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