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Sweet-sour season limited menu comes up!

Let's get “Honey&Bee&Lemon”ful sweets in Q-pot CAFE.☆


With releaseing “Honey&Bee&Lemon” series, sweet-sour sweets come up☆



Honey&Bee&Lemon Candy ¥702(including tax)

Q-pot CAFE. SPECIAL HONEY ¥2,268(including tax)


The gentle sweetness of honey spreads in the mouth, and honey melts from “Honey&Bee&Lemon Candy”.

The refreshing package is cute so it is good for petit gifts!

You can enjoy “Q-pot CAFE. SPECIAL HONEY” made of Japanese lemon with soda, yogurt and more.

Please enjoy it as hot/ice through a year♪


[Honey&Bee&Lemon Candy/Q-pot CAFE. SPECIAL HONEY]

Place:Q-pot CAFE./Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP



Honey&Bee&Lemon Jelly ¥410(including tax)


“Honey&Bee&Lemon Jelly” with a cute bottle.

The combination of gentle sweetness of honey and vitaminful lemon is perfect sweet for the coming summer.

You never get tired to eat.

Of course it's the recommended item for the souvenir!


[Honey&Bee&Lemon Jelly]

Place:Q-pot CAFE.

※Takeout only

※The quantity is limited per a day.




Honey&Bee&Lemon Vinyl Umbrella ¥2,500+tax


And! “Honey&Bee&Lemon” vinyl umbrella debuts this year☆

Its design is clear and fresh, good for the summer coordinate.

It's a bit big size so your clothes and bags don't get wet♪

Rainy days become happy one when you are with Q-pot.'s rainy item.


[Honey&Bee&Lemon Vinyl Umbrella]

Date:May 22nd, 2015(Fri)

※Q-pot CAFE. cannot accept your request about reservation and order,

before and on the 1st day of the release date. Thank you for your understanding


Click here for the details of “Honey&Bee&Lemon” series!


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