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SUMMER HAS COME☆How will you enjoy the most HOT season?

Q-pot.'s HOT&COOL summer item collection!!


FUN-FUN summer is now!!!

Let's enjoy the most HOT season in the year with Q-pot.'s HOT&COOL items.

Are you ready?



Milk & Chocolate Biscuit Sport Towel (L)  ¥2,300+tax

Macaron Tote-Bag(L)  ¥5,800+tax

Chocolat du "Q" hair tie  ¥2,200+tax

Melty Chocolate Beach Sandal  ¥5,000+tax



The most COOL place in summer is POOL, isn't it?

Of course, you want to be fashionable in pool side too?

Q-pot.'s has fully sweet design summer items; big size-water proof material bag, beach sandal, towel...

you can be in the spotlight♪


Chocolat du "Q" hair tie  ¥2,200+tax

Shell Macaronn Hair band each ¥4,500+tax

Ice-cream Clear bag ¥3,200+tax

Malty Chocolate Hand-towel ¥1,100+tax


Mini-seize bag is must-item in the pool!

Waterproof material bag is perfect for the active scene. 

And, let's tie up your hair with summer motif "shell macaron" Hair band♡

You are No.1 cute girl in the summer!!






Honey-Lemon Ice Candy Clutch Bag ¥10,000+tax

Cotton Candy Ice-cream Bag Charm ¥5,500+tax

Bitter Chocolate Pocketable Wallet ¥16,000+tax

Chocolate-Mushroom-Dots iPhone 5・5s case ¥6,000+tax



Mint Ice Candy Clutch Bag ¥10,000+tax

Melty Chocolate iPhone 6 case(Silicon) ¥7,000+tax

eye Love Ice-cream glasses (Black Sesame marble)  ¥42,000+tax


The king of summer sweets・・・ is ICE-CREAM!!!

Trend items clutch bag became Ice-cream...? 


Ice-cream became to clutch bag!!

Let's go to chill out with chilly ice-bag♪


Flavor is Honey-Lemon and Mint...which flavor do you like?

Have a good summer!!


[“Q-pot. Summer collection” now on sale ]

Place: Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)

※ Item selection is depend on shops, please ask to Q-pot. shops. Thanks!

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