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Recommend from Q-pot CAFE.'s summer HIT sweets☆★☆


Summer holiday has come!

Are you thinking what you should select souvenir for homecoming, home party with friends etc, aren't you? mmm... that's not easy to decide!!!

Such you to, we recommend Q-pot CAFE.'s summer HIT sweets!


☆Q-pot CAFE. original bottled jelly☆



Cherry Jelly /Mint Soda Lagoon Jelly /  Honey-Lemon Jelly ¥410 each (tax included)

Cooler Bag ¥1,080 (tax included)


NEW flavor「Mint Soda Lagoon Jelly」is here!It's so nice cold dessert for chilling out in hot seas♪

 We have Q-pot CAFE. original "cooler bag" too! Let's carrying out with keeping COOL!!


☆Everyone let's say 「CHEESE!!!!!」with "CHEESE-Mouse" cake☆



Tiny Mouse's Whole Cheese Cake

※For 2〜3people ¥1,850 (tax included) / For 4~5 people ¥2,570 (tax included)

※Contains: Milk, Egg and Wheat



When the party at home ( of course, for outside party is OK too!), you must prepare delish & phtogenic food!!

Light flavor of "Cream-cheese" × Sour-sweet "Lemon-cream" is perfect matching taste♪

As you can see that the cake is look like "emmental cheese".

Can you image that everyone's laughing voice? hahaha!!!

The cutest cake must make big smile to children too!


Good choice for birthday cake too!!






☆Summer-refresh! Honey-Bee-Lemon Candy & Q-pot CAFE.'s special honey jar☆


Honey-Bee-Lemon Candy ¥702 (tax included)

Q-pot CAFE.'s special honey jar ¥2,268 (tax included)


Good looking&taste for summer flavor is "Honey- Lemon" series.

Do you know that "Honey" is good effective for summer weariness?

Honey-Bee-Lemon Candy is packaged in crafted paper, it's good as small gift / souvenir.

Inside of a candy has melting honey... sound tasty!



"Q-pot CAFE.'s special honey" is able to use for eating with yogurt, mixed drink with soda... that's so arrangeable!!!


Please have a fun time with looks & tasting both COOL sweets♪


●Check the detail about Q-pot CAFE.→



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