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Feature on “Q-pot baby.” collection ♡ playful items for BABY & MOTHER

Gift selection for your sweeties♡♡♡


☆Recommend for baby gifts;bib & chocolate bear


Strawberry Chocolate Melt Bib ¥3,300+tax

Strawberry Cake & Ribbon Rompers ¥8,200+tax

Q-pot.'s bib is designed "melting strawberry chocolate", such a cute!!

Mom's smile will be full bloom when you see baby's face who are put the cutest Q-pot.'s bib♡

Popular gift set is Strawberry Chocolate Melt Bib×Strawberry Cake & Ribbon Rompers,

that will be strawberry coordinate...  perfect!!!


☆Recommend for mom and baby;chocolate bear & key necklace

チョコレートベアー&キー ネックレス 10,000円+税

The bear doll is for baby, and the necklace is for mother.

It makes double happy for celebrating birth of baby and mom both!

It is made with very caring about accidental ingestion parts of

the doll because of that the doll's parts such as eye and nose are made by embroidery.



☆Recommend for beginner mothers;chocolate tote bag & hair band



Chocolate Tote Bag (LL) ¥8,500+tax

Malty Chocolate Hand-towel ¥1,100+tax

Chocolat du Q hair band ¥2,200+tax


1st anniversary for baby and mother is in same date.


Let's cerebrate baby and mother both.

Mother will be so glad about your thoughtfulness!


Mother have to carry so many stuffs; baby's clothes, diaper, baby bottle etc...

it's so tough!!!!!


Must have item for such a busy mother is "big-size tote bag"!

This bag is high capacity, tough vinyl material with waterproof☆


And, one more good item is "hair band"!

Cooking, cleaning, washing and shopping everyday,,, mother is the most busy person in the earth!!!

But, they are "women", they must long to be fashionable women forever even though they are "mother".

This hair band is able to make look easily cute hair arrangement.

It's just tied-up with the hair band! It's so easy, isn't it??


You can find the perfect gift for baby and mom in Q-pot baby.

Let's check the items♫


[“Q-pot baby." collection]

Place:Q-pot baby./Hotel du Q-pot. handling shops

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