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Special ordering event for Q-pot.Lounge; Sweet Smile”collection☆

18th September from 12:00PM 〜 31st October 2015.


〜What is "Q-pot. Lounge" line?〜

"Q-pot. Lounge" is the finest materials and sophistecated skills provide a luxurious experience as high quality as a three stars restaurant.


Such a special event for ordering fine jewelry is held in 18th September from  〜 31st October 2015 on Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP.

Usually these jewelry are not sold on the site, please don't miss the chance to order!

It's not late for Christmas gift too!!


☆“Sweet Smile”collection



Diamond Crown Necklace<K10YG, Diamond>
Black eyed Necklace<K10YG, Treat Black Diamond, Freshwater Pearl etc.>
Pearly White Smile Necklace<K10YG, Akoya Pearl etc.>
Ruby Ribbon Necklace<K10YG, Ruby, White Topaz>
Blue eyed Necklace<K10,Light Sapphire, Freshwater Pearl etc.>
Red-lipped Smile Necklace<K10YG, Ruby, White Topaz>
Diamond made crown, ruby made ribbon and diamond, light sapphire and so on... 
all material will be decorate your smile.
Please shine the best ever "Smile" on you with “Sweet Smile” collection jewelry.
Speech ballon [Love] Necklace<K10WG, Diamond>
Speech ballon [yum!] Necklace<K10YG, K10WG, Diamond>
Rouge lip Pierce<K10, Ruby>
「LOVE」「yum!」...  happy words are pop up from rouged lip...♡
These words make you high-motivation in fashion, don't you?
Let's brush up your style more and more by Q-pot.jewelry!
Vanilla Ice Cream Necklace<K10YG, Freshwater Pearl>
Strawberry Ice Cream Necklace<K10PG, Freshwater Pearl>
Vanilla Ice Cream Pierce(1 piece)<K10YG, Freshwater Pearl>
Strawberry Ice Cream Pierce(1 piece)<K10PG, Freshwater Pearl>
All women love SWEETS and JEWELRY, don't they?
Of course you too, don't you? 
Q-pot. has eternal jewelry collection for all women in the world.
Please find your lifetime item.
Please check the Q-pot. Lounge handling shops from the link below.
※There some differences about ordering method for Q-pot. Lounge between Q-pot. shops and ONLINE SHOP.
Please ask to Q-pot. shop or casts directly. Thanks!
[Special ordering event for Q-pot.Lounge; Sweet Smile”collection]
Date:18th September from 12:00PM 〜 31st October 2015
Payment method:ONLY credit card
Order method:NOT available to accept order with other items
Delivery time:deliver in order from 18th December 2015
※If you prefer to receive the item in particular date between 23rd to 27th December 2015, please write your request date in the box 【その他確認事項 】 (※it means "other check point" page) after the page 【購入手続き画面】 (※it means "order confirmation"page)
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