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Enjoy the autumn season for art♪

Q-pot. arty jewelry is re-stocked.


Autumn is season for ART.

Q-pot. 's jewelry are art pieces as "costume jewelry" indeed...

All jewelry have concept, story, a lot of humor, unique and original design and high-quality, hand made, who doesn't say to this is not ART?

This is ART!

Please enjoy Q-pot.'s wearable arty jewelry.




< Ladies & Gentlemen 

〜The fashionable world for Ladies & Gentlemen〜

Let's enjoy the night with perfect looking together.


I am a gentleman, please let me escort you.

Please find me who is smoking pipe and wearing tie.


I am a lady, please let me dance with you.

Please find me who has made up perfect beauty for you with red rouge tonight.

I am "ready".


Elegance Mustache Necklace ¥17,000+tax

Talktive Lip Necklace ¥60,000+tax



Talktive Lip Bangle ¥50,000+taxBracelet ¥56,000+taxBrooch ¥44,000+tax

Mustache Brooch ¥7,000+tax / Elegance Bow Tie Necklace ¥17,000+tax





Petit High heel Necklace ¥13,000+tax

Elegance Petit Rouge Necklace ¥28,000+tax

Petit Rouge Pierce ¥8,000+tax

Petit Silk Hat Pierce ¥5,000+tax

Petit Pipe Ring ¥6,000+tax

Petit Pipe Necklace ¥11,000+tax


< Shadow 

Shadow invite light, light invite shadow...

The secret menu of the dark side came up from the bright colorful world.

Sweets became to mysterious and curious menus with darkness magic.

Please enjoy mode and surreal jewelry collection "Shadow collection".


SHADOW Petit Cream Cake Necklace ¥9,500+tax

SHADOW Whip Ring ¥3,600+tax

SHADOW Strawberry Yogurt Ice Strap ¥4,000+tax

SHADOW Chocolat du Q Strap ¥4,000+tax

SHADOW Petit Cake Strap ¥5,800+tax


※SHADOW Whip collection "Ice" is only available to buy at Q-pot. Harajuku  Flagship shop・Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP


< Stripe Candy >

Red and white, Black and white

2color's stripes candy is classical and modern, looking like an adult, but a bit childish.

This is a 2tastes of Q-pot.'s stripe candy.



Stripe Candy Pearl Necklace ¥23,000+tax

Stripe Candy Pearl Pierce ¥9,500円+tax

Stripe Candy Bracelet ¥14,000円+tax

Stripe Candy Ring ¥13,000+tax

Stripe Candy Pearl Bracelet ¥10,000+税

Stripe Candy Bag Charm ¥18,000+tax



Stripe Candy Tote Bag ¥31,000+tax

Stripe Candy Flap Long Wallet  ¥27,000+tax

※Tote Bag  and wallet is only available to buy at Marche du Q-pot. handling shops.


Please enjoy the arty season with Q-pot.'s art jewelry.


[ Q-pot. arty jewelry re-stocked ]

Date:3rd October 2015

Place: Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)

Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP ※Some items are sold. (From 18:00PM~ ※Japan time)


●Marche du Q-pot. handling shops. Please check the shop list below.

 Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop 


Q-pot. Shinjuku Takashimaya Shop 

QQQ-pot. SHOP Lumine Omiya

Q-pot. TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi Shop 

Q-pot. Lucua Osaka Shop 

Q-pot. Osaka Takashimaya Shop



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