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It's just baked "Biscuit Pochette wallet" is debut from the "PETTAN COLLECTION"!

Pre-sale from 3rd November 2015 at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP


"PETTAN COLLECTION" from “Marche du Q-pot.”〜


Just imaged if flatty goods such as bag and pouch ... that good would be goody!

Flatty goods are goody for all fashion lovers who love the unique, original and Q-pot.!!!



☆Biscuit Pochette wallet

The biscuit is in mood of nostalgic, cozy and hand-made warms.

Also "biscuit" is one of the iconic motif in Q-pot. too.

This autumn "Biscuit Pochette wallet" is debut from  such a popular motif.


Biscuit Pochette wallet ¥21,000+tax


One by one, products are made by hand-made each in very detailed.

Like a biscuit has each different cooked,  "Biscuit Pochette wallet" also have each difference "baked" texture.

Japanese handmade leather bag, well-used for a long time... the wallet  will be a piece of your wardrobe.


Also, "Pochette" is looking smart, and the functionality is also very smart.

The wallet has a plenty number of card pocket, attachable and length adjustment strap is able to be Pochette too.

The 2 way items are really good for smart women in the scene such as shopping and going out to neighborhood.


How is it "Biscuit Pochette wallet" for your new season?


["Biscuit Pochette wallet" collection pre-sale]

Date:3rd November, 2015 (from 12:00PM~)

Place:Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP

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