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Re-stock! Big Hit item "Chocolate Mini Boston Bag"!!

Re-stock at 3rd November 2015.


“Chocolate Mini Boston Bag” that is big popular item from Q-pot.'s daily products line 

<“Marche du Q-pot.”>; contains variety of daily items like wallets, key case etc.

Thank you for waiting for a long time since the Last time that was quickly sold out, 

This mega-star bag will be re-stocked 3rd November!!




Bitter Chocolate Mini Boston Bag ¥45,000+tax
(Width:23.5cm Height:18cm Depth:13.5cm)


This original bag designed on the whole surface lure of the king of sweets "CHOCOLATE".

Also chocolate is the signature of Q-pot. ! This Boston bag is created for all sweet women around the world.


The handle part, is used a high-quality smooth leather.

Please feel MADE IN JAPAN product that is high quality made by craftsman's technique,

Chic and simple bag is made for your wardrobe, please enjoy.



[Re-stocked “Bitter Chocolate Mini Boston Bag”]

Date:3rd November 2015


Q-pot. shops handling Marche du Q-pot.

・Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop

・Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku

・Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka

・QQQ-pot. SHOP Lumine Omiya

・Q-pot. Lucua Osaka

・Q-pot. TOKYOSKYTREETOWN soramaschi shop

・Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (From 12:00PM)



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