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Gift selection for mom whom tried hard all this year & kids☆☆☆

Gift suggestion from Hotel du Q-pot.&Q-pot baby.


~For Mama&Baby -Nail Sticker-~

The mom whom child who does not leave it of the hand comes to still more is 

very busy every day!

There is no timing to go to even the nail salon very much.

But even a busy mom wants to enjoy the fashion.

The strong friend of the mom is Q-pot. nail sticker collection.

You can enjoy the fashion of the finger-tip by oneself easily while being in the home.

Let's go out fashionably with your kids♪


Mom&Baby Melty SET ¥4,300+tax



Mom&Baby Strawberry Whipped Cream SET ¥9,000+tax





~For Mama&Baby -for meal time -~

The product which had both prettiness and practicability.

How about the item playing an active part at the time of milk time and a meal?

The size that the bottle case is in not only the nursing bottle 

but also the plastic bottle of 500 ml of size.

If a baby graduates from milk, the case achieve the function as the plastic bottle case.

Hope you come to look forward to going out with a baby more♪



Don't worry about spilling anything! SET ¥4,400+tax




Milk Time SET ¥5,400+tax




~For Mama&Baby -for celebration -~

Outing debut! Starting school! Birthday!

How about the present in celebration of various wish somebody a good trip?

It's suggestion for mom's present set which is nice for child too!



Such a melting CUTE SET ¥10,500+tax




Ice cream SET ¥15,500+tax



~For Mama -Daily useful items-~

Diaper, milk, clothes, towel and toys・・・

At the time of the outing, the mom always has large bag!!!

Such a tough!

Big size tote-bag that is high capacity, and subdivide pouch is must products.

It's so pleased with just imagning her happy face♡



Mother's bag&Diaper Case SET ¥14,500+tax




Mother's bag & Multi Use Case SET ¥14,000+tax




Mother's bag & Multi Use Case SET ¥14,000+tax




Mother's bag & Multi Use Case SET ¥14,000+tax



[Q-pot baby./Hotel du Q-pot. collection]

Place:Q-pot baby.Hotel du Q-pot. handling shops

※Each shops has different number of stock, please ask to shop directly.


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