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“OTONA Disney Princess Official Fan Book”

Q-pot. “Snow White” Collection comes out! With a free bag!


“OTONA Disney Princess Official Fan Book” will be published

on the 17th of December, 2015(Thursday) by Gakken-plus.



On this “OTONA Disney Princess Official Fan Book”,

The 2nd collection of “Snow White” from Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.,

which will be released in January in 2016, comes out earlier than any other!!!

Seven Dwarfs in the forest, Snow White, and the Evil Queen.

The unique characters become Q-pot. accessories… Don’t miss it!!!



And a free bag is original designed one by Q-pot.,

 “Snow White Quilted Tote Bag”!



Snow White Quilted Tote Bag 

 (Size H27cm×W40cm×D10cm)


Quilting expresses apple pie and looks warmly and nostalgic.

Could you see that there is Snow White inside of Apple?



Handle of bag is made of synthetic leather, and there are 2 deeper pockets inside,

Comfortable to use! Storage is also perfect!


Looking forward to this special “OTONA Disney Princess Official Fan Book”♪



[OTONA Disney Princess Official Fan Book]

Released date: 17th December, 2015(Thursday)

Price: ¥1,600+tax

Locations: Bookstores

Free bag: Snow White Quilted Tote Bag

(c) Disney

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