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Would you try "Petit Chocolat" & "Chocolate Bar"?

Re-stocked at 16th January 2016 at Q-pot. shops.



<Initial Chocolat>


Initial Chocolat Charm ¥4,000

One bite size chocolate invite you feeling heaven♡

Please make your name and favorite words from the chams; A to Z initial chocolat,

and strawberry and almond chocolat.

These are putting on necklace, bracelet and bag charm, so many way!



We have cute box too.

 Let's select chocolat and put them on box for gift!!

<Wood Chocolate Brake Necklace>


Wood Chocolate Brake Necklace ¥10,000 / Strap ¥5,000 / Bag charm ¥6,000

Chocolate has bite by someone?

This chocolate bar is made in wood, it's real "bar-chocolate".

The chocolate brown color will takes on good polish. Enjoy!



["Chocolate" collection Re-stocked]

Place:Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP/

Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP(Some of items stock at late January)



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