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Dream collaboration project with ‘Garrett Popcorn Shops®’!

Q-pot CAFE. special plan for spring vacation☆ The workshop event will be held!!!


Tadaaki Wakamatsu, the designer of ‘Q-pot. JAPAN’, has collaborated with

popular popcorn brand ‘Garrett Popcorn Shops®’!

Collaborated can ‘SAKURA’ will be released at Garrett Popcorn Shops®.

The theme is ‘A two-tier cake of sakura meringue and cherry’.2012garrett.jpg

●Please click here for more details about ‘Q-pot.×Garrett Popcorn Shops®’!



We held special work shop at Q-pot CAFE. for people who purchased Garrett Popcorn Shops®×Q-pot. Collaborated can ‘SAKURA’.


【Event Details

Let’s decorate a two-tier cake inspired by Collaborated Can ‘SAKURA’ with pink whipped cream, sakura meringues and fresh fruits♪



‘I’m worry because it’s my first time to make sweets…’

It’s OK! The pastry chef of Q-pot CAFE. helps all of you♪

You can have a good experience how to decorate and arrange a cake with whipped cream☆



『How do I decorate?』『Can I whipped cream well?』

Let's communicate between parent and child through making original "SAKURA cake"!

「Hey Mom & Dad, don't miss to take photo my best shot!!」



After complete your cake, it's time to tea time♫

Please enjoy cafe time with Q-pot CAFE.'s drink.

 While the tea time, we learn together Q-pot.'s donation project and friends of Myanmar and Vietnam. There have fun quiz game too!





The end of the event, you make "Time Capsule" by using "Garrett Popcorn Shops®×Q-pot. Collaborated can ‘SAKURA’"!

Please collect your message for the future, memorial item and so on... all you put the moment of your in the capsule・・・☆




【Q-pot CAFE. special spring event☆Kids patissier work shop event】

Date:28th-29th March, 2016 ※The event is total 2 times.

Location:Q-pot CAFE.

Address:3-10-2 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061, JAPAN

Time:10:00~12:00(meeting time at 9:50)

Price:3,500yen including tax(The price including a two-tier cake+2 drinks+Polaroid  photo by "Cheki"/ instax-mini)

※You cannot bring back the cake, thank you for your understanding.


<Entry qualification details>

・You need to bring "Garrett Popcorn Shops®×Q-pot. Collaborated can" on the date of the work shop. So, please purchase the can by own.
※Please purchase the collaborated can ‘SAKURA’ before you make a reservation. We cannot accept a reservation if you don’t purchase.

・ The workshop is for pairs; 1 parent + 1 child who are over 7 age because of that the work shop program target at over the age.

※If you request to join in the work shop with brothers and sisters, please ask about number of member to Q-pot CAFE. casts.


<The list of belongings>

・Garrett Popcorn Shops®×Q-pot. Collaborated can「SAKURA」

(It's available Gallon size can OR Quater size can both)

・Apron / each person

・Triangular bandage / each person

・ Writing implements for writing message to put in time capsule.

※ NOT oil-based pen.

※We prepare message cards.

・Goods whatever you want to put in the time capsule.


<About the event day>

※We are not accept cancel in any case.

※Please come to the cafe on time. If you join in the event in delay, the ending time won' be change in any case. 

※Please pay the fee at entrance. If you come in delay, you pay whole price 3,500yen. 

Please take care about the time. Thanks.

※This work shop is contain to use milk / egg / wheat so that please not entry to the work shop if you have allergy at these. Also please ask about allergy to Q-pot. casts.

※The event will be reported on some publication. So please enter for only people who allow to be in publication.

※Please prepare to tie the hair if you and children are long hair.

※If you are under the weather, please refrain from participation.

※While the work shop, opening hour of Q-pot CAFE. is not change. 

<Opening Hour:11:30~19:30(L.O.19:00) >



【Application method】

Reservation acceptance starting date:1st March 2016〜

Reservation phone number:+81 3 6427 2626

※We accept to reserve by phone between 11:30〜19:30.

※At the first date of reservation acceptance will be hard to connected. 

We are sorry for about that.

※Acceptance end upon reaching full member of capacity.


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