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‘Melty iPhone6 Case’ is coming back!!!

Restocked on March 9th, 2016(Wednesday)



All the time what you wear next your skin is iPhone, right?

Have a tasty communication with a case of Q-pot!


<Melty Chocolate iPhone6 Case>


Melty Chocolate iPhone6 Case ¥6,500+tax

Sweet Jack Charm Selectable Happiness ¥2,000+tax

Initial Chocolat Charm/C ¥4,000+tax


Chocolate is a magic sweet for all of your happiness.

Melting chocolate design is super cute!

This popular iPhone case will be restocked in this spring.


<Strawberry Whipped Cream iPhone5&5s Case>


Strawberry Whipped Cream iPhone5&5s Case ¥5,500+tax

Sweet Jack Charm Selectable Happiness ¥2,000+tax

Sauced Strawberry Milk Ice Cream Strap ¥4,500+tax


With red strawberry and white whipped cream, and melting ‘Q’ logo.

It’s like a strawberry sponge cake!



<Sweet Mickey/ iPhone5&5s Case>


Sweet Mickey/ iPhone5&5s Case ¥6,000+tax

Round Milk Biscuit Cord Reel ¥6,000+tax


Made of chocolate, whipped cream strawberry and banana…How sweet Mickey!

Whipped cream on his nose looks lovely♪




Which iPhone case do you choose?

It makes your life sweeter and happier!



[‘Melty Chocolate iPhone6 Case’ Restocked]

Date: March 9th, 2016(Wednesday)

Location:all Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(PM12:00~)

※Item stock depends on the shop. Please ask the casts for the details.


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