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“Sand Ice-cream” will be re-stocked!!

At 16th April 2016.



Chilly dessert“Sane Icecream”from Disney Dreamed by Q-pot. will be re-stocked!!


Mickey Mouse / Chocolate Mint Cookie Sand Ice-cream Necklace ¥12,000+tax

Minnie Mouse / Raspberry Cookie Sand Ice-cream Bag Charm ¥10,000+tax


Moist and baked cocoa cookies of sand ice-cream, with chocolate mint-flavored ice on the Mickey Mouse,

and with raspberry & vanilla  ice-cream on Minnie Mouse.





Pooh / Honey Caramel Cookie Sand Ice-cream Necklace ¥12,000+tax

Piglet Strawberry Cookie Sand Ice-cream Bag Charm ¥10,000+tax


It was sand with plenty of ice-cream in moist and milk cookies that is sweetness.

 Sand the honey caramel flavored ice-cream that is favorite of the Winnie the Pooh honey and caramel.


It looks really real sweets!

Please put the favorite style of you on your early summer style★


Let’s go to the Disney resort with the items♪


[ Sand Ice-cream” will be re-stocked ]

Date:16th April 2016

Place:Q-pot.直営各店Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP(from 12:00PM)/

Q-pot.INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP ※Only some of items (from 12:00PM Japan time)



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