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“Alice in Wonderland”from Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot. New accessories release☆

Releasing on 21st May(Saturday), 2016


“Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.” is a brand to express Disney stories in an innovative way of Q-pot. inspiration.

New items are joining the party of “Alice in Wonderland” collection, which keeps attracting people with the story contained accessories.



Doorknob / Necklace ¥15,000+Tax / Ring ¥13,000+Tax

Very unique accessory of Doorknob looks like to want to say something. 

Beyond the keyhole of the doorknob…

You will find the White Rabbit!



Alice / Floating Bottle Necklace ¥18,000+Tax

Alice / Cupcake Necklace ¥9,500+Tax

White Rabbit / Cupcake Bag Charm ¥7,500+Tax

The “DRINK ME” bottle made Alice so small. She cried and cried until there was a large pool of tears all round her…

Cream-filled cupcake is inspired from the light blue dress and big black ribbon of Alice releasing too!

Cupcake of White Rabbit is with cookie ears★



Baby Oysters / Pearl Necklace ¥12,000+Tax / Pearl Bracelet ¥10,000+Tax / Pearl Pierce ¥6,000+Tax

Popular Baby Oysters from the story became to cute accessories with pearl!



Alice / Floating Bottle Towel ¥1,000+Tax

This towel has two designs on the front and back! 

All items for“Alice in Wonderland” lovers♡。


In addition, popular items from “Alice in Wonderland” collection will be re-stocked!! 


The Cheshire Cat / Macaron Necklace ¥9,500+Tax

The Cheshire Cat / Tail Ring ¥13,000+Tax

ALICE / Melty Pocket Watch Necklace ¥28,000+Tax


※Items are limited number. If you have a question about stock, please contact with each shop.


[“Alice in Wonderland”  series items release]

Date: 21st May(Saturday), 2016

Place:Q-pot. shops/Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(From 12:00PM~)/

Q-pot.INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP ※Part of items will be available(From 12:00PM JST Japan time)

※We cannot accept your request about reservation and order

 before on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request.

Thank you for understanding.


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