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Appetizing “Q-pot. Wedding”line for the wedding that is the major milestone in life.

Get a precious stone on the back with no charge! "Q-pot.Wedding" Bridal Fair until 26th June(Sun)!


<Engage Ring>

Melty Chocolate Diamond


Lovers make chocolate melting and it's so sweet.

Chocolate is the best partner with diamond, please check the delicate detail of it.

Living with this ring make your life sweet.

Melty Chocolate Diamond Ring(K18YEGD)¥210,000+tax~


Melty Honey Diamond


Honeybee carry sweet honey for precious family.

Honeybee carry sweet honey in a lifetime.

Shining beautiful diamond is the symbol of your sparkling feature.

Melty Honey Diamond Ring(K18YEGD) ¥180,000+tax~


<Marriage Ring>

Melty Honey


Love of two will shine like golden honey. Enjoy precious time in your nest(home). 

 There is a bee which carries your love the other side of ring.

Melty Honey Ring(K18YEGD) ¥75,000+tax~



A woker ant carries diamond liken sugar. 

9 diamonds for woman and a diamond for man…

Means the message of “ARIGATOU(Thank you in Japanese)” 

【Ari= Ant / Tou= 10】

It’s unique precious ring.

This ring reminds of lovers the feelings of gratitude♥

ARIGATOU Ring (K18WHGD) ¥170,000+tax~

A RIng(K18WHGD ) ¥100,000+tax~



Tiara du Chocolat


“Tiara du Chocolat” makes a bride sweet and happy.

There is a shining chocolat like a jewel on top of tiara with twinkling swarovski.

Please enjoy the wedding with the sweetest tiara.

Tiara du Chocolat Milky Pink ¥50,000+tax~

Tiara du Chocolat Rouge ¥50,000+tax~

※You can choose a silver or gold tiara.

※Order made ring and tiara need about 7 weeks to delivery.


〈Carved seal service〉


You can put an original seal like your initial or anniversary the inside ring.

And also we have icon of original Q-pot. motif.

You can put secret cipher.



〈Back stone service〉


During 21st May(Saturday) ~ 26th June(Sunday), you can put stone on the back with FREE.

 You can choose from birthstones and diamond. If you have any question about this, please contact with shop cast.


〈Celebration gift〉

For a present given to guests at wedding banquet, childbirth, housewarming and some celebration...Here is “Celebration gift” at Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop.

They are made in Japan and we hope you cherish them for a long time.


Happiness Strawberry&Milk Tea Bowl Set ¥6,000+tax


Chocolate Meoto-Bashi Set ¥10,000+tax


Melty Chocolate Cup&Saucer ¥10,000+tax


Happiness Strawberry Cake Photo Frame ¥4,800+tax


How about attach a decoration of Q-pot. original folded paper to a gift?

You can choose a message for some situations.




We will launch “Q-pot. Wedding” line on Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP from the end of May, 2016. 

Please check Q-pot. wedding ring with the unique and sweet story on Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP. 


[Q-pot. Wedding line is available in shops and site]

Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop (Tokyo)

Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku Shop (Tokyo)

Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka Shop (Osaka)

Q-pot. JR Nagoya Takashimaya Shop (Aichi)

Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (from the end of May, 2016)

※From 21st May(Saturday) you can get point of “Q-pot.Wedding” line at Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop. If you have any question about this, please contact with shop cast.

※Celebration gift is only available at Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop and Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP.

※You can get celebration gift from one.

※Depending on situation of good, it will accept to reserve.

※If you want to order more than one, please contact with shop cast.

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