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The Most Suitable Accessory For the Wedding and Party!

Adorn yourself with accessory of Q-pot.♪



June is the season for “June bride”.

Sweet and happy jewelry which is also gorgeous and cheerful

from Q-pot. is good for the wedding and party

where are filled with feelings for celebrating.

  「Let’s Go Wedding Party!」



"Melty Sugary Argent"

~Be elegant with large pearl~




Pearl is the one of essential jewel for the Wedding.

“Melty Sugary Argent” is inspired by argent is used 

for decoration of cake and flowing starch syrup.

Gold ring with line of pearls,

large-sized pierced earring and ring is suited your mind.

Gorgeous jewelry help you to be a charming lady.


Melty Sugary Argent Pierce(1Piece / Fake pearl) ¥13,000+tax

Petit Sugary Argent Ring(Fake pearl) ¥13,000+tax

Melty Sugary Argent Ring(Fake pearl) ¥15,000+tax


"Strawberry & Sweets"

~Be lovely in Pink Gold~




Party is held for “Bride”.

Let’s dress well inconspicuously with lovely delicate petit jewelry.

There are delicate pretty pink gold jewelries 

of doughnut and candy with natural stone.

Paper collection like dessin will tickle your girl’s mind.


Strawberry PAPER Pink Gold Necklace ¥25,000+tax

Raspberry Nuts Doughnuts Necklace K10 Pink Gold ¥42,000+tax

Petit Strawberry Candy Necklace K10 Pink Gold ¥26,000+tax

Double IceCream PAPER Pink Gold Necklace ¥27,000+tax

Triple Whip PAPER Pink Gpld Necklace ¥28,000+tax



Place: Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP

※Q-pot. Lounge is only available at some shops, please check the link.

※Items are limited number. If you have a question about stock, please contact with each shop.


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