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Hotel du Q-pot. that is best for this season now on sale!

The rainy season is coming soon. Are you ready?


☆Bitter Chocolate☆


Popular bitter chocolate pattern is the vinyl processing that keeps bag clean of the outer material♪

Tote bag with an inside pocket for getting things square is good for trip and picnic.

This is good for mother bag who have a child too.

Chocolate Tote Bag (LL) ¥8,500+tax / Melt Chocolate Hand Towel ¥1,100+tax


Affordable price item is good for gift too♪

You can put favorite things like cosmetics and so on…

Chocolate Pouch (M) ¥3,200+tax / Chocolat Initials Charm (M) ¥4,800+tax


※If you have any question about stock, please contact each shop.



Must item for Summer, our original beach sandal is here!!!

There are various sizes, they are good for both woman and man♡

Melty Chocolate Beach Sandal (Strawberry / Bitter Chocolate) ¥5,000+tax

S size: 23cm / M size: 24cm / L size: 27cm






The pattern of pastel color macaron is so cute!!!

It looks small, but you can put many things in this bag☆

Very useful as bag-in-bag and mini bag for go out with.

Macaron Bag in Bag ¥6,000+tax


This multi case is useful for a passport, receipt, bankbook, maternity record book and also card!

Macaron Multi-Use Case ¥5,500+tax




☆Cherry Chocolate☆


The rainy season is coming soon. Are you ready?

Here is the sweet umbrella with cherry and melty chocolate.

Let’s go out with this cute umbrella!

Cherry Vinyl Umbrella ¥2,500+tax




☆Bee Honey Lemon☆


The umbrella of sweet and sour “Honey & Bee & Lemon”!

This is filled with fresh lemon and honey.

Colorful vitamin color will make your rainy day Happy♪

Honey & Bee & Lemon and Vinyl Umbrella ¥2,500+tax


[“Hotel du Q-pot.” collection]

Place: Q-pot. Harajuku flagship / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP / Q-pot. Lucua Osaka /

Q-pot. TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi / Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku /

Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka (※Available from 21st May, 2016 ~)

Q-pot CAFE. (※Available Only Umbrella)

※We can’t accept your request about reservation and order before on the 1st day of the release date, back-order and delivery request. 


 Thank you for understanding.


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