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”SWEET ROOM “ will be the grand finale on 8th July(Friday), 2016!

”SWEET ROOM “ is only available until 8th July(Friday), 2016!


SWEET ROOM which is designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu who is the designer of Q-pot. Tadaaki Wakamatsu Tadaaki Wakamatsuwill be the grand finale in 1 month!!! SWEET ROOM has nearly full booked due to high popularity.
But... Now you are in time for booking!!!
This is the last chance to stay at SWEET ROOM!!
Let’s go to ”SWEET ROOM “ presented by Q-pot., and have sweet and luxury experience!
SWEET ROOM is all people who dreamed the room made of melty chocolate, whipped cream and crunchy biscuit...! Are you ready to step into our dream room?
We hope to share this unique experience with you at ”SWEET ROOM “!

As a surprise gift♪

‘Thanks always…♡’
For Mother’s day, Birthday, and more…Give a surprise gift for your Mom☆
Express your grateful feelings by a cake with your message!
‘QQQ Plan’ costs \39,000 per a person!
You can stay with this price but it is a suite room!
And more, you can choose a special option from the below☆

<QQQ Plan Options>
 SWEET ROOM limited special cake&sparkling wine
You can choose a cake from 2 types,
‘Bitter Chocolate Cake’ inspired by chocolate living room
Or ‘Whipped Cream&Strawberry Cake’ inspired by whipped cream&strawberry bed room.
Half size bottle of sparkling wine also coming together.
 Buffet-style Dinner at Dining Square ‘THE ATRIUM’
Including roasted beef, from appetizer to dessert,
You can enjoy gorgeous buffet-style dinner!

Room service for breakfast
Including freshly baked omlet, we offer selected menu.
Please enjoy luxury morning time at SWEET ROOM.
Date:9th March 2016〜8th July, 2016
※The time of above is different from the regular time. Please check carefully.
※A room for 2 persons(Twin room)
Price:¥39,000 including tax/per a person
※Please select one from options above ★QQQ1~3.

Good for Girls Party♪ 

Having Girls Party in ‘SWEET ROOM’ brings a special experience to you☆
‘SWEET ROOM’ becomes ‘MY ROOM’!
Enjoy the tea party with your best friends.
SWEET ROOM limited afternoon tea set is included in the plan♪
You can enjoy and taste for ¥9,810 per a person!
Afternoon tea set is including scones with melting chocolate,
Strawberry mousse with whipped cream and strawberry and so on...
Many sweeties on the top of plate!
Juicy burger that is named ‘Smile Burger’ is on the bottom of the plate.
There are many photo shooting spots, that is so recommended for birthday party and anniversary♫
You have never seen the tea party that is the cutest in the world.
After you spend on time for the tea party, you can enjoy Disney Land too!
Have a sweet and rich tea party in the Q-pot. collaborated room.
Date:9th March, 2016~8th July, 2016
Available time:13:30~16:00(2.5H)
Available number:2~4 people
Price:JPY¥9,810 including tax/per person
Special offer:Afternoon Tea Set for number of people
※The price is including service fee & tax.
※“Sweet Night Wedding” Plan is also finished by the 8th of July, 2016(Friday).
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