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Hair arrangement with New item “Bandanna”☆

Now on sale at Q-pot. shops & Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP♪


Must item for this season “Bandanna” debuts from Q-pot.!
We introduce you perfectly hair arrangements with new Bandanna☆



☆Melty Chocolate☆

“Melty Chocolate” has sweet and better brown color.

The combination of “Chocolate”×”Melty” is very Q-pot.!

If you want to do this headband style, folds Bandanna widely. 

Here is the sweetest headband for you!


Melty Chocolate Bandanna ¥1,500+tax


☆Cherry Whip Bandanna☆

Things loved by all girls…Cherry×Whip became the Bandanna pattern!

Cherry-red and lovely-whip make you the sweetest girl for summer♪

Red ribbon arrangement of this Bandanna will give cuteness on your look! 


Cherry Whip Bandanna ¥1,500+tax


Now you must get this Bandanna for your hair arrangement for summer!

It is amazing the Bandanna is able to use freely like for hair, bag, as scarf and so on…☆

Let’s find the fabulous way just for you!


[Cherry Whip Bandanna・Melty Chocolate Bandanna]

Place: Q-pot. shopsQ-pot. ONLINE SHOP

※Items are limited number. If you have a question about stock, please contact with each shop.

Term: Now on sale!

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