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”DINER COLLECTION” is inspired by 50's American Diner☆


 ”DINER COLLECTION” is inspired by 50's American Diner☆

Burger and Cherry Sundae make you feel nostalgic American feeling.

Cute accessories take you delish place! 

Dress up as diner look and hang out with your friends. 


We recommend our Q-pot. original Burger which has the best taste in the world☆

Which kind of burger do you want to eat?

Let's choose ingredients and make your best burger ever! 


Are you sure it is done? Not yet! 

Here are some toppings: Bacon,Tomato, Fried egg and Pineapple... 

They make your burger more special and original taste!!! 




Selectable Ball Chain ¥5,200+tax/Buns Charm ¥4,000+tax

Ketchup & Mustard Charm ¥4,000+tax/Lettuce Charm ¥3,000+tax/Meat Charm ¥3,000+tax


Pineapple Charm ¥3,000+tax/Fried egg Charm ¥3,500+tax/
Tomato Charm ¥3,500+tax/Bacon Charm ¥3,500+tax


Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP recommends the original burger set just for you!

BBQ Sauce & Double Cheese Burger set ¥24,500+tax/Hawaiian Burger set ¥28,000+tax



●You must be hungry because of our tasty accessory “DINER COLLECTION” of Q-pot.... 

Here is Potato, Ketchup and Cheese! This collection present you Retro & Pop taste.

More details about various menu of “DINER COLLECTION”! 




After finished eating burger, all we need is dessert! 

Filling whipped cream and fresh cherry... 

Dream sundae is here!!!

Red cherry of top on the sundae make you experience 50’s in America.



Cherry Whip Ring ¥11,000+tax/Cherry Sundae Necklace ¥24,000+tax/Cherry Sundae Pierce ¥20,000+tax





Place:Q-pot shops/ Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP

※Items are limited number. If you have a question about stock, please contact with each shop.

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