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Feeling nostalgic... New "Shake Collection" from Q-pot. take you back to 50's!

Let’s go to Q-pot CAFE. with retro and girly coordinate!!!


You must check new ”Shake Collection” from Q-pot.!

It is like real 50’s diner!

There is cute and pop interior design with oldies music inside the diner.

Let’s enjoy lovely time with shake that has a big cherry on the top!


Changing into coordinate that is inspired

by the trend of this summer 50’s and pinup girl…

Let’s Dancing in Q-pot CAFE.!!!





Sweet Strawberry milk shake and refreshing rich chocolate mint shake.

There are also cream puff like a hamburger,

and potato is made of grilled juicy pineapple…

This is the cutest plate sweets!

It is very hard to choose the one!



Strawberry Milk Shake Necklace ¥28,000+tax

Strawberry Whipped Cream Ring ¥11,000+tax

Whipped Hair Pin ¥3,800+tax



Chocolate Mint Milk Shake Necklace ¥28,000+tax

Chocolate Mint Sundae Ring ¥20,000+tax

Chocolate Mint Whipped Pierced Earring ¥7,500+tax(Set)

Cherry Whip Bandanna ¥1,500+tax




Classic Blueberry shake comes with Seasonal Afternoon Tea set!


They are like real shake, potato and hamburger!

There is mini blueberry parfait inspired by Blueberry milk shake.

Filling whipped cream with strawberry on crunchy cereal♡

Hamburger of cream puff sandwich fresh strawberry 

with custard and ganache cream.




Potato made of grilled juicy pineapple make you feel diner mood♪

Everyone’s favorite macaron includes!

There are croissant sand filled with avocado paste and cream soup made of spinach and cheese on the lower plate. 

You will be satisfied with sweets and dish☆


Let’s enjoy and have sweet time at Q-pot. diner!

Seasonal Afternoon Tea set is here for you♡


For 1 person ¥2,400 including tax

※Only weekdays: 11:30~15:00(L.O.14:00)

※Available for more than 2 people



Blueberry Milk Shake Necklace ¥28,000+tax

Blueberry Sundae Ring ¥20,000+tax

Blueberry Whipped Hair Pin ¥3,800+tax

Strawberry Milk Shake T-shirt ¥5,000+tax


And “Ice Candy Bar Collection” is now on sale too!

This collection is also retro & girly, best for this summer.



Water Melon Ice Candy Bar Necklace ¥23,000+tax

Water Melon Ice Candy Bar Pierced Earring ¥9,000+tax

Cherry Whip Bandanna ¥1,500+tax

Strawberry Sundae Ring ¥20,000+tax




Honey Milk Ice Candy Bar Necklace ¥23,000+tax

Honey Milk Ice Candy Bar Pierced Earring ¥9,000+tax

Cherry Whip Ring ¥11,000+tax

Cherry Whip Bandanna ¥1,500+tax


Popular in American Diner! A hamburger is everyone’s favorite!

Pop emmenthal cheese like food of American comic, ketchup and mustard 

will make your coordinate more yummy★



ONLINE SHOP Recommend★Natural hamburger set(Yellow Gold) ¥21,000+tax

Hard Cheese Ring(L size) ¥6,800+tax

Good Luck Bracelet (Ketchup / Mustard) Each ¥3,800+tax

Blueberry Whipped Pierced Earring ¥7,500+tax

Melty Chocolate Bandanna ¥1,500+tax


Let ‘s enjoy mood of 50’s at Q-pot CAFE.



●”Shake Collection” is here!


●”Ice Candy Bar Collection” is here!


●”Diner collection” is here!

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