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Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP 8th Anniversary~Happy PINK Party★〜

Start on 7th July(Thursday), 2016 10:00AM~!


It is the 8th Anniversary of Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP on 7th July(Thursday), 2016!

We will hold the special event for celebrating 8th Anniversary for you!!

The theme is “Happy PINK Party”♡

Pinky items get together!

Sweet Pink and Elegant Pink… 

Let’s enjoy with items of various Pink colors♪

They make you feel Happy and Sweet♥



~Pink Lemonade~

Our “Homemade Lemonade” will refresh you in hot summer.

NEW flavor “Pink Lemonade” will be available on only Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP☆

Necklace comes with the unique straw shaped “Q”.

Melt ring has the transparent pink color gradation.

Do not miss these sweetest accessories for this summer!!!


ONLINE SHOP LIMITED☆ Fresh Pink Lemonade 

Melt Ring (S・M・L size) ¥8,200+taxNecklace ¥30,000+tax



~Ice Candy Bar~

Limited flavor on ONLINE SHOP from “Ice Candy collection” is re-stocked that has fresh and juicy fruits inside★

iPhone6 case of this limited flavor with cool “Ice Candy” debuts this year!



ONLINE SHOP LIMITED☆ Tropical Ice Candy/Berry Berry Ice Candy

Key Holder Each ¥17,000+tax,Necklace Each ¥23,000+tax

ONLINE SHOP Exclusive☆ Ice Candy Bar iPhone6 case ¥5,500+tax



★Pre-sale on ONLINE SHOP★

~Strawberry Whip Cream~

There are bags and wallets that are made in Japan by workman carefully…

New pattern “Strawberry Whip Cream” collection debuts from “Marche du Q-pot.”!

Girly soft pink beige color make your style sweetest ever♡

And… the inside color of this wallet is our all-time favorite, PINK!!!

Sweet and also Smart items are here for just you♪20160628_4.jpg


This bag is very useful! You can change the size with snap button.

Pre-sale on ONLINE SHOP★ Strawberry Whip Cream Tote Bag ¥32,000+tax



Big ribbon on the wallet is lovely point♡

Card & Pass Case ¥12,000+taxRound Fastener Wallet ¥28,000+tax


Twofold type wallet is ONLINE SHOP limited♪

ONLINE SHOP LIMITED☆ Short Wallet ¥26,000+tax



~Fresh Strawberry~

“Fresh Strawberry” collection is coming back for celebrating the Anniversary!!!

Juicy Strawberry on whipped cream… How sweet it is♡

Let’s dress up with these lovely items♪


Fresh Strawberry Necklace Each ¥8,000+tax / Ring Each ¥4,800+tax /

Bag Charm Each ¥5,500+tax



★"PINK” items are HERE★

More PINK items from Q-pot. get together for celebrating the anniversary!


KiraKira Ribbon Charm(Pink) ¥6,500+tax

Toro-ri Rare Cheese Ice Cream Charm ¥4,500+tax

Waffle Cone Charm Each ¥3,000+tax

Selectable Ball Chain(Pink Gold/65cm) ¥5,200+tax/

Strawberry Milk Necklace ¥18,000+tax / Key Holder ¥12,000+tax



Melty Strawberry Doughnuts Necklace ¥9,000+tax

Chocolate Doughnuts Bag Charm ¥7,000+tax



★Nvelty Present★

And more…! 

If you order over the total ¥20,000(not including tax),

you can get the eco bottle inspired by “Homemade Lemonade”!

It will be “Pink Lemonade” when you pour Pink color drink into the bottle☆


※Nvelty is limited number.

※Reservation item is not counted for the total for the novelty.


[Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP 8th Anniversary~Happy PINK Party~]

Date: 7th July(Thursday), 2016 10:00AM~


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