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Girly Accessory Collection For Lovely Lady

Petit sweets are also good for office style!




Lovely sweets motif collection by Q-pot.♥

Luxury material and fashionable design makes the accessory more sweet!

Here is the best gift for yourself of this summer☆


<Petit Candy>


Petit Candy Bracelet ¥23,000+taxRing ¥27,000+taxPierced Earring ¥19,000+taxNecklace ¥26,000+tax


Shining petit candy is here.

New flavor is refreshing “Soda”

Glittering Blue Topaz represents cool flavor “Soda”☆




<Melty Heart>


Melty Heart Necklace ¥26,000+taxBracelet ¥25,000+tax /Ring ¥30,000+taxPierced Earring ¥19,000+tax


Pink gold makes your style more lovely…♡

Melty Heart collection is here.

The elegant and sweet design makes your heart melting.






Sugar Nuts Doughnuts Necklace (K10YG×Diamond)

Raspberry Nuts Doughnuts Necklace (K10PG×Ruby) Each ¥42,000+tax

Sugar Nuts Doughnuts Bracelet (K10YG×Diamond)

Raspberry Nuts Doughnuts Bracelet (K10PG×Ruby) Each ¥40,000+tax


Luxurious Doughnuts with diamond like sweet sugar and ruby like sweet and sour raspberry…

 Sweetest doughnuts collection is the best item for fashionable lady like you!



<Cheese Ring>


Cheese Ring (SV×GLD) Each ¥14,000+tax

You can feel sweet happiness 

by wearing this matching ring with your boyfriend. 

There is a heart from rings matching♡

Let’s spend special time together with delish Cheese Ring!



Are you ready for summer style?

Girly accessory collection is here for lovely lady♥



Check! Girly Accessory Collection

※Sales of items are different with each shop. If you have any question about items, please contact each shop.



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