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☆New Biscuit Collection☆

Sales on 20th August(Saturday), 2016!


The collection “Marche du Q-pot.” is made in Japan by workman kindly one by one.

All work processes are done in Japan, and we hope you cherish special bag and wallet for a long time.


New “Biscuit” items from Marche du Q-pot. that is made with high quality by craftsman is debut!

Finally Mini boston bag, Card & Pass case and iPhone case are now available at Q-pot. shops!




Milk Biscuit Mini Boston Bag ¥45,000+tax(Width: 23.5cm, Height: 18cm, Depth: 13.5cm)


“Milk Biscuit” of Mini Boston Bag makes you feel warm and nostalgic…

“Mini Boston Bag” from Q-pot. is filled with cozy sweets “Biscuit”.

This bag is made with 47 parts.

The handle that you can feel smoothly grip that is made of refined cow skin.

You can feel affection and high quality from the bag of “Marche du Q-pot.”.

The beige color and useful size of the bag fits your every style!

There are 2 ways: long or short strap to use by changing the length of it.

And of course, you can hold the bag without the strap too!




Milk Biscuit iPhone case 5・5s case ¥13,000+tax / 6 case ¥15,000+tax


Sweet Biscuits are lined up with regularity.

NEW “Book shaped iPhone case” debuts!

You can put your card inside and it is very useful for your daily life♪

Let’s make your original one! Decorating it with bag and strap charms!

Have a smart and sweet time with iPhone case from Q-pot.♥




Milk Biscuit-Card & Pass Case ¥12,000+tax


Pass Case with a metal fittings for the chain or charm.

There are 6 pockets for cards, it is cute and also very useful.

You can enjoy coordinate with your favorite bag and wallet.

Calfskin is used for inside, so taking card in and out is smoothly.

Let’s get the useful one for your daily life.




Round Milk Biscuit Wall Clock ¥40,000+tax(diameter: 28.0 cm)


On the white wall or woody chest…

Round Milk Biscuit wall clock will fits your every room!

Natural wood expresses crunchy texture of Biscuit.

There is nothing like the same, it is really like real baked Biscuit.

Let’s enjoy the warm and nostalgic feel of the clock!

Have a sweet and lovely time with the clock from Q-pot.♡



[Marche du Q-pot. “Biscuit” Collection]

Date: Sales on 20th August(Saturday), 2016

Place: Q-pot. shop / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP(12:00PM~) /


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