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It is autumn, pumpkin season is here!

Enjoy seasonal pumpkin items of Q-pot.&Q-pot CAFE.♪


Harvest season! Autumn appetite!

Now all you need is pumpkin items.

It is also best for Halloween!


【 Pumpkin Mont Blan 】


Pumpkin Mont Blanc

Necklace ¥9,500+tax / Strap ¥5,800+tax / Ring ¥5,800+tax


Lots of sweet pumpkin cream is topped with whipped cream.

Adding Swarovski crystals makes it more elegance.

The best items for harvest season are here.






Black bat Charm ¥4,000+tax / Jack-o-lantern Charm ¥4,000+tax

/ Petit Ghost Sheets Necklace ¥12,000+tax


We cannot imagine Halloween season without ghost “Q” of Q-pot.!

Ghost “Q” wearing bat ribbon and Jack-o-lantern is ready for…Halloween party!

Let’s go out with ghost “Q” together.



【Jack-o'-lantern Macaron】


Jack-o'-lantern Macaron

Necklace ¥8,000+tax / Strap ¥5,000+tax / Bag charm ¥6,200+tax


What kind of sweets do you want...?

Pumpkin flavored macaron with jack-o-lantern and sweet pumpkin cream is here.

Swarovski crystals like seeds glitter on it.

This item comes with plate of Ghost “Q”.

 It fits perfectly with Halloween mood!



【Q-pot CAFE. Petit Jack-o'-lantern Macaron】


Petit Jack-o'-lantern Macaron ¥360+tax

Date: 24th September(Saturday), 2016~

※Contains: milk and egg


Limited macaron of Q-pot CAFE.for Halloween…

Our favorite petit creamy macaron turns into Jack-o'-lantern!

Full of pumpkin ganache cream makes it more delish.

Bring this sweet macaron to Halloween party!



[Pumpkin collection]


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