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The custom made ring of Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.

Will be available at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP!


Did you know that the custom made ring and tiara

are available at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP?

Additionally the custom made ring of “Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.”

will be available from 4th October(Tuesday), 2016!


“Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.” is a collection to express Disney stories

in an innovative way of Q-pot. inspiration.

We express the fantastic world of Disney with the ring, carved seal and package.

You can choose the stone on the back of the ring and make it for only you.

The ring with favorite story will be your treasure.


~ Alice / Ring ~

These rings are inspired by the small door and key

from “Alice in Wonderland”

There is the only one key opens the door.

I am the only person who can open his heart…

To deepen the bonds between you and him.


ALICE /Key Hole Ring (K18)\125,000+tax~ (Platinum)¥180,000+tax~

ALICE /Heart Key Ring (K18)\100,000+tax~ (Platinum)¥150,000+tax~


Ring of “Alice in Wonderland” comes with glass bottle as special case.

The case with the lovely message “YOU’RE MY CUP OF TEA”.






~Mickey&Minnie / Melty Chocolate Ring~

The best couple in the world

“Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse”.

They look each other on the ring and there is an initial “M” next to them.

How sweet this chocolate ring is.

Let’s stay together like Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse.

Their love will make chocolate melting…20160927news_disney2.jpg

Mickey&Minnie / Melty Chocolate Ring

(K18)¥143,000+tax~ (Platinum)¥198,000+tax~






~Mickey / Cheese Ring~

Let your love mature like cheese.

Cheese ring has the unique and fashionable concept.

Look at the hole of cheese.

There is a silhouette of Mickey Mouse and heart

when two rings are piled up!

“Hidden Mickey” always makes you happy.

Sweet secret only between you and him…


Mickey Mouse / Cheese Ring (K18)\107,800+tax~ (Platinum)\165,000+tax~



Ring of Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

comes with romantic case of earthenware

that is like whole cake decorated by whipped cream.







~Mickey / Tiara~

Did you know the tiara of Mickey Mouse,

“Tiara du Chocolat” decorated by luxe chocolat?

There is a luxe chocolat of Mickey Mouse on the top.

Let’s celebrate your wedding with Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse / Tiara du Chocolat ¥50,000+tax






~Carved seal service~

If you order the ring of “Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.”,

limited carved seal service is available for you.




Make your own sweet custom made ring.




[“Disney Story Dreamed by Q-pot.” will be available at Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP]

Date: 4th October(Tuesday), 2016

Place: Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP



Please check the detail of the custom made ring from here.

And the detail of items are available for the reservation is here.

※A precious stone on the back cost extra charge.



※Q-pot. Harajuku flagship shop. / Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku

/ Q-pot. Takashimaya Osaka

Q-pot. JR Takashimaya Nagoya

(※Items will be available until 25th October because of store will be closed.)

If you have any question about order, please contact each shop.

Shop list is here


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