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1st November is “Tea's day”

Let’s enjoy tea of “Q-pot CAFE.” that has genuine taste at home.



1st November is “Tea's day”

On 1st November, 1791, Japanese who was invited 

to the tea party from Russian queen Yekaterina II 

and had cup of tea for the first time as Japanese.

There are 4 flavors tea of Q-pot CAFE..

They are very original,

 and Q-pot CAFE. is the only place you can find them.

We introduce you genuine taste tea.

〜Flower Garden〜

With the fruitful flavor and floral fragrance that characterize every sip, 

please enjoy a graceful moment in a floral garden.

This is one of the most popular flavors from the cafe opening

and good for gift too.

〜Early Bright〜

You will feel like waking up in a crisp morning in the glow of dawn. 

This blend of mild aroma and full flavor of black tea is perfect to set off another day.

This is the best with milk, lemon, and also jam and honey.

Please find the best way to drink with by yourself.


The aromatic flavor takes you to a relaxation space.

An elegant orangery bouquet and a spicy accent of cinnamon 

create this refined deep taste.

You can enjoy this flavor tea with milk as chai for the cold season.

〜Sweet Berries〜

A little sour, fruity caffeine-free tea is the best refresh for a break. 

Vitamin and citrate from Rose Hips and Hibiscus allow you 

to make a beauty from inside of your body.


Flower Garden / Early Bright / Fiesta / Sweet Berries

A pack (10 pieces) Each ¥1,000+tax / A can (20 pieces) Each ¥2,600+tax

You can enjoy these tea as eat-in menu at Q-pot CAFE..

It is important to choose tea after tasting it.

Please come and taste our genuine tea at the cafe.

Q-pot CAFE. Donation Project


 ~We want to expand the chain of smiles all over the world with sweets~


Q-pot CAFE.’s tea (tea leaf products ※apart from biscuits, drinks, and chocolate) 

is supporting children through the activities 

of the international NGO "Save the Children". 

With people who work in the tea leaf plantation in Sri Lanka, 

that is the main tea producing area, 

we contribute as an educational support for children.

~Saku Saku meringue~

Here is lovely sweets for tea time.

Sweet meringue is crispy, fizzy and also melty in your mouse.

2 flavors strawberry and mint are in 1 pack.

Let’s enjoy the best combination of tea and meringue.

Saku Saku meringue (Strawberry&Mint) ¥600+tax

[Q-pot CAFE. Tea / Saku Saku meringue]

Place: Q-pot CAFE. / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP
Date: Now available

●Only now! Check Halloween limited menu from here!

[Q-pot CAFE.flagship shop]

You never know what surprise pops out from the "Q Room".

9 mystical rooms unravel another tasty story.

Address: 3-10-2 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061, JAPAN 

Phone: 03-6427-2626 

Business Hour: 11:30〜19:30 (L.O.19:00)

Closed: Year-end & New Year


Q-pot CAFE.Twitter

The official twitter account of Q-pot CAFE.☆

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