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Let it snow♪ Enjoy winter fashion with “Snow items”…

“Snow collection” for winter season from Q-pot.



Christmas has come,

and here is snow season...

Fluffy snow is like sugar,

and it will melt on your hand.


It is fantastic and also nostalgic.

We introduce you today

Q-pot.'s ”Snow collection”.


“Sugar Snow” lies on the ground in “Sweet Country” of Q-pot.☆




~Sugar Snow Candy~

Snow flake and white pearl...

“Sugar snow candy” is a gift

from fantastic “Sweet county”.

This beautiful and glitter item

will delight your eyes too.



Sugar Snow Candy  Necklace ¥15,000+taxBrooch ¥9,000+taxBracelet ¥14,000+tax

It comes with a special package covered by snow flake.



~Sugar Snow Crystal~

Glitter snow flake turn into “Sugar snow crystal”.

Matte processing make the item like it is frozen. 

White pearls of different sizes become snowman!

Elegant and also sweet item of Q-pot.

will be the coolest point on your look.


Sugar Snow Crystal Necklace ¥18,000+tax

Sugar Snow Crystal Pierced EarringEarring Each (Set) ¥9,000+tax




~Sugar Cookie~

Moist and also crispy cookie is decorated by white sugar icing.

You can smell it like sweet cookie?!

Let's get “Snowflake sugar cookie” bag charm 

for your favorite bag!


Snowflake Sugar Cookie Bag Charm Each ¥6,200+tax

Strawberry Whip Cream Round Fastener Wallet ¥28,000+tax



[Q-pot. ”Snow” collection is available]

Place: Q-pot.shops / Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP / 


※Please contact each shop if you have any question about the stock.



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