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Let's enjoy daily life with coffee♪

“Ginger Latte” makes you warm…



Which one would you like to add?”

New flavor debuts from hot and sweet “Coffee collection” of Q-pot.!


It is time for coffee break.

We recommend you “Ginger latte”.

Whipped cream is on the top.

Positive and sweet accessory will make you warm.

And of course, coffee time with sweet doughnut♪


Q-pot. Blend Coffee Necklace ¥17,000+tax

Ginger Latte Charm ¥4,600+tax

Doughnuts Necklace ¥9,000+tax

Doughnuts Bag Charm ¥7,000+tax




Let's choose the best one for your day!

Here are blend coffee, matcha latte, café latte and café mocha...

Break time make you feel cozy and warm♪


Selectable “Q” Coffee Charm

Blend Coffee, Matcha Latte, Café Latte Each ¥3,500+tax

Café Mocha,Ginger Latte Each ¥4,600+tax





Let's be the sweetest for this winter.

Lovely “Sugar snow cream” collection is just for you! 

New item brooch, our favorite necklace, ring and pierced earring...

Please pick up the best one♡


Sugar Snow Cream

Brooch ¥7,000+tax/Pierced Earring ¥8,000+tax/Necklace ¥12,000+tax/Ring ¥6,800+tax



[”Ginger Latte Charm” & “Sugar Snow Cream Brooch” will be available]

Date: 3rd December (Saturday), 2016

Place: Q-pot.shops / Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP / 


※We cannot accept your request about the reservation and order before on the 1st day of the release date,back-order and delivery request for new products.

Thank you for understanding.


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