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”Caramel Shoulder Bag” is re-stocked☆

You need something sweet? Caramel Bag is perfect for you!


Marche du Q-pot. is the bag collection that has good design and also high quality.

Very popular item “Caramel Shoulder Bag” is re-stocked.

Finally it is now available!



Caramel Shoulder Bag ¥29,000+tax

Let’s go to your favorite place with this sweet bag!

We hope you cherish this special bag for a long time.



The “Q” is like melting caramel.

Caramel color leather makes this bag more special and sweet!

Luxury “Q” logo pattern inside is good accent.




Please enjoy the item from “Marche du Q-pot.” is all made in Japan by workman kindly one by one.


[“Caramel Shoulder Bag” is now on sale]

Place: Q-pot. shops / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP




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