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Best for this Summer♬ Ice Cream Collection★

Q-pot. Shops have many flavor of ice carem


“Ice Cream Collection” that you can enjoy various flavors and combinations 

will be restocked to Q-pot. Shops and Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP on May 6th (Saturday)!


<Selectable Necklace>

You can make your original necklace with charms!

Q-pot’s selectable necklace coolection.

How about cool ice cream for this summer?

Do you like waffle cone or cup?

Double or triple? It is all on you♪


Ice Cream Charm ¥3,000+tax / Stone Ice Cream Charm ¥4,000+tax

Sause Ice Cream Charm ¥4,000+tax / Toro-ri Ice Cream Charm ¥4,500+tax

Waffle Cone Charm ¥3,000+tax / Waffle Roll Cone Charm ¥4,000+tax

Ice Cup Charm ¥4,500+tax



<Looks yummy! Real ice cream collection from Q-pot.Parlor>

Ice cream collection from Q-pot.Parlor looks very delicious...

It will the communication tool with others!

“Strawberry Yogurt”, “Caramel”, “Watermelon Sherbet” and “Cookie & Cream”.

It is hard to choose the one!!!


Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream Necklace ¥8,000+tax / Hair Pin ¥2,800+tax

Caramel Ice Cream Necklace ¥8,000+tax / Hair Pin ¥2,800+tax



Necklace ¥8,000+tax

Hair Rubber・Ring ¥5,000+tax 



<Limited Flavor at Takashimaya>

Limited Flavor at Takashimaya is “Cookie & Cream”.

Necklace, hair rubber and bag charm is available!

Please enjoy it with fresh strawberry on the top☆



Limited at Takashimaya Cookie & Cream Ice Necklace ¥8,000+tax

Hair Rubber ¥5,000+tax / bag Charm ¥6,000+tax

(Now available)



<Ice cream cup for Ice cream!>

It look very real in ice cream cup!

It will be surprise gift and good for display at home.



Melty Ice Cream Cup ¥600+tax


Let’s enjoy summer with our Ice cream collection!


[Restocked of “Ice Cream Collection”]

Date: May 6th (Saturday), 2017

Place: Q-pot. shops /Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (12:00 PM~)

※Part of items are now available. If you have any question about the stock, please contact each shop.

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